Beyond the Hour

Why Earth Hour Is Important

Even though Earth Hour has been happening for a few years, many people are still unaware of this environmental campaign and may not understand why it is so important. Each year, millions of people all over the world take part in Earth Hour by doing something that will help combat global warming. It can be as simple as shutting off lights for an hour or as major as launching petitions and other campaigns to help save the environment. No matter why people are getting involved, Earth Hour is a very important event that has already made some major changes in the world.

Unfortunately, many people still believe that Earth Hour is not important and may not understand how just one hour can make any changes at all. After reading some information on the past successes of Earth Hour, these people will begin to see its importance and will see just how much energy was conserved in the one hour time period. These changes reduced emissions and cut the use of energy significantly. The event is a way to raise awareness and show people that it is possible to survive without all the electronic gizmos and energy consuming products that we have grown so accustomed to. By cutting back, people can make a huge difference and can take part in the battle against global warming.

Thousands of people have the desire to make a change but think they alone cannot battle this huge problem. Earth Hour has become so important because this is the chance for those people, and millions of others to take a stand and actually make a difference. Since it is so simple to be involved, the event has become a worldwide cause that has attracted the attention of many large corporations, celebrities and famous political leaders, all trying to band together to better the world and save the Earth.

Earth Hour remains an important annual event for all environmentalists and many individual residents all over the world have made the choice to extend the hour and try to save as much energy as possible on this day. It is hopeful that these same people will be able to make lifestyle changes that will help reduce carbon emissions and save energy, creating a great effect that could drastically change how global warming has been affecting us all.

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