Beyond the Hour

Show Your Support for Earth Hour

With Earth Hour nearing, many people who have never participated in the event will be wondering how they can begin to show their support. There are many things that can be done to support this campaign. The basic way is to honour the traditional hour of darkness, where lights and electronic devices are shut off for a one hour period of time. While this is how many people will continue to show support, there are many other ways to get involved and make a difference and begin to battle the effects of global warming. Earth Hour is just the beginning and many followers have decided t extend that hour, trying t make even more changes for the environment.

Other ways people are showing support is by helping to raise awareness by passing out information on global warming. Unfortunately, there are still millions of people worldwide that have not become involved in saving the planet, and supported are constantly trying to get others involved. Some people will also connect with their employers to see if the company as a whole can take part in the event as well.

Individuals that are unable to participate in the hour of darkness can do other things to show their support. They can join local campaigns to fight carbon emissions and can get involved with environmental programs that are in action all year long. The best thing for supporters to do is to think of every hour as Earth Hour. Instead of showing support for just a single hour a year, people can take action every day and try to reduce energy consumption, pollution and emissions that are killing our planet.

Showing the support for celebrities that endorse Earth Day is another way to get involved. Many people will form groups to show their support, all gathering in one location to reduce energy consumption for the evening of Earth Hour. Others will go out on their own and try to start petitions in their community to eliminate actions that may be causing more environmental damages. There are many ways for people to show their support even if they cannot take part in the darkness for an hour a year. With many groups being formed to save the environment, there are hundreds of ways that each individual can make a difference and show their support.

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