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Earth Hour Celebrity Endorsements

Since the very first Earth Hour was celebrated in 2007, many large companies and celebrities have begun to endorse the event in hopes of raining even more awareness. Celebrity endorsements have been a driving force for Earth Hour and these endorsements have been very successful in spreading the word about the cause, getting millions of people involved all over the world. In 2013, there are some well known celebrities that are endorsing the event to try to draw even more people and businesses, hoping for the best year ever.

As Earth Hour nears, celebrities are hard at work endorsing the event and showing their support for one of the largest environmental campaigns. Many celebrities are involved in the I Will if You Will challenge, where they inspire fans to help save the Earth by extending the time past the one hour traditional block of darkness. The British pop band McFly has just teamed with Earth Hour in the UK and is asking all fans to follow along. For their challenge, they will present a special reward in Panda costumes if 100,000 fans will commit to take part in Earth Hour and like the UK facebook page and share videos with friends.

The former VJ from MTV, Utt Panichkul has made a promise to drop off clothing items for every 1000 people who promise to turn up air conditioners by one degree. This is his way of encouraging people in Singapore to take part in the event and try to reduce carbon emissions. In Spain, a Grammy winning song writer has shown support on Twitter and is constantly reminding fans to shut off lights for the hour on March 23, when the event takes place. Other great celebrities that have endorsed this campaign include Tom Brady, Cate Blanchett and Gisele Bunchen. These are just a few of the top stars that are trying to raise awareness and reach out to fans to get more people involved.

The celebrity endorsements have been very successful over the years and now with some challenges in place, fans around the world will feel that they are not only doing something to help save the planet, but they are also showing their continues support for their idols. Earth Hour is expected to have the best year yet in 2013 and many celebrities are still trying to gather fans and get more people involved.

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