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Countries Participating in Earth Hour

When Earth Hour first began, it was an event that was organised in one city alone. The first Earth Hour took place in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Over the years, thousands of people and businesses have seen the effects of Earth Hour and have become involved with the event and the cause. Now, more than 130 countries all over the world participate in this unique event and all try to raise awareness regarding global warming and the recent changes in the climate. With so many countries involved, Earth Hour has become one of the most powerful statements being made and each year, more and more countries are joining the cause to help save the Earth.

When a country participates in Earth Hour, there will be much talk about the event. This one hour of time always takes place on the last Saturday in the month of March and there is a set hour in which those participating will shut off lights and all unnecessary energy consuming products. While the event started in one city, it is not an international event that is recognised by countries all over, from Europe to the Americas and everywhere in between.

Each country that is involved will have different reasons for taking part. For example, this year, Russia is involved in Earth Hour and this country is using the event as a way to petition a ban on industrial logging. Over the years, countries have actually begun to compete for the most participants and many smaller cities will try to get the most residents and businesses to take part, with some turning the entire city dark for the one hour of time.

This year, more than 130 countries will participate, all with reasons to fight global warming and conserve electricity. The event has becomes popular that large businesses and major historical landmarks are also involved. Around the world, people are trying to take action on this one day and reduce use and minimise the effects of global warming. This is a great way for concerned residents to become involved in a way that can change the future of the Earth and educate millions on overuse and the damages that can be caused by global warming and climate change.

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